Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping It Real is Hotter Than Ever in Jewelry

Many of our jewelry styles are made of simple, natural materials.
Natural Appeal
Basic materials are the attraction in simple jewelry

Since the days when man first started wearing bling, naturally occurring materials of various values have been used in jewelry making. Today, precious stones and fine metals are certainly prized components of quality jewelry, but recent trends in fashion suggest an increasing fascination with more basic elements used in jewelry designs like leather, wood, inexpensive natural stones, bone, shells, seeds and string.

There are many reasons for the drawing power of these materials, but since they are what we use to make our products, we like to think the allure is similar to the cultural appeal of a tropical island. Jewelry constructed with natural materials like leather, cotton, hemp, seeds, barks and common metals make them unique, exotic and very attractive.

Just as enticing as a warm tropic destination, jewelry of basic natural materials go with everything in current style. It can be anything you want it to be and appropriate for who you are, no matter the occasion. There really are no rules with natural, simple material jewelry, but there are numerous benefits, not the least of which can be a reminder or personal symbol of respect and connection to the kingdom of nature.

The current popularity of jewelry from basic and natural materials goes way beyond trend, just as anyone who wears it will tell you. For many, a heightened visual appeal comes from the natural quality, pleasing colors and textures, expected endurance and uncomplicated designs that are characteristic of our top-selling styles. For others, it is the earthy look and feeling that is ideal for the urban jungles or stomping grounds of our life.

Just as a single palm tree standing alone can be stunning, a group of palms growing together on an oasis can be a handsome display of nature’s wonder and compatibility. So in a visual parallel, it is understandable why mixing more than one piece of natural material jewelry, even if the pieces are hot when worn individually, is an awesome look that is uniquely the wearer’s design. 

Wearing several pieces of natural, simple material jewelry at the same time is an effective way to customize the assembly for your individual style.  Keep in mind that not all natural materials look good together and the distraction of a single piece can ruin the whole look. So while a leather bracelet might not look too great when worn with a chain encrusted with diamonds, bracelets made of wooden beads, shells, seeds, hemp, and cotton are perfect partners with leather. The more basic the materials, the more likely they are to look good and make you feel good wearing the appealing combinations you create.

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